Keith Paper Company Letters

Internal collection, KPC_letters 9-26-2017
Professional and personal correspondence 1875-1886, mostly by John Keith, of Keith Paper Company, Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

Impressive book contains over 400 pages of extensive correspondence by company founder John Keith, in which he covers all aspects of his paper mill business along with various personal matters.

The pages of this book are made of very thin and very translucent “onion skin” paper. Copies of the original penned letters were made by placing the letter underneath a blank onion skin page, and then sponging moisture through the page and into the original letter. Some of the letter's ink would be drawn into the onion skin, thereby creating a printed copy.

Various letters were written from John Keith's home in the neighboring town of Greenfield, which he includes in some of his correspondence. Remarkable volume spans ten years of letter writing by author, comprising hundreds of handwritten letters. John Keith died in the final year of his written correspondence here, and volume likely includes his final letter. Last couple of letters in the later part of 1886 were written by Charles M. Burnett, who succeeded John Keith as President of the Keith Paper Company.
The modern transcripts of the individual pages are contributed by volunteers. The imperfect method of copying penned letters and Keith's own sloppy handwriting makes the effort difficult and will contain errors. Please submit to us any corrections you might suggest.