The museum’s mission is to celebrate our industrial heritage through preserving, collecting, and educating the public, with emphasis on Franklin County and Athol, Massachusetts. At the heart of it is the story—the people who created and lived this history, and how their work and lives can inform ours today.

This database is our uncurated digital archive of items mostly from our own collection. Our Franklin County Massachusetts home has been the birthplace for a number of major events in the American industrial revolution, and this archive contains valuable exhibit and research information not available elsewhere.

The museum was founded by local resident, Leon Weeks, and incorporated in 1998 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The board and dedicated volunteers have been hard at work preserving, collecting, and documenting artifacts and related archival material—from the smallest tap and die to the large 19th century machines made right at our own site.

The museum's home is the Newell Snow factory site on Mead Street in Greenfield along the Green River (a site that has seen continued industrial use since John Parson’s 1690 sawmill), the museum is poised for growth and significant community involvement in the years ahead. We strive to make our exhibits and programming as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Please join us in recognizing the importance and value of our area’s rich and unique industrial heritage!

The Newell Snow factory, the site and the building, by its association with the beginnings of Greenfield’s most important industry and with one of the town’s leading businessmen, ranks as one of the more significant buildings in town. (Massachusetts Historical Commission, 1984)

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